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We have added this page as a result of numerous requests by our viewers. It is very easy to find a caterer, just look in the phone book. Every deli, pizza place and supermarket thinks that by supplying food off premises they automatically qualify as caterers. Delivered or picked-up food is not catered food. There are many factors to be considered. Size of group, occasion, tastes of group, where food will be served, is service needed, ease of consuming food - will there be tables, a bar area, will other things be going on at the same time. This requires experienced professionals. Watch this page and feel free to contribute your ideas and suggestions.

Recommended Caterers in the Hudson Valley:

1118 State Route 17K, Montgomery NY 12549, Phone: (845) 457-5806
Holberts Catering has been a family run business for thirty years; more recently taken over by the second generation of Holberts. Susan Holbert Crocker and Gerald Crocker (both alumni of the Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park, New York) have been running the catering service for the past ten years. Carol Holbert, one of the founders of Holberts Catering, brings her many years of experience and is available to help you plan your event to ensure everything is just the way you envision it. Food is prepared in the new kitchen facility, which is inspected annually by the Orange Health Department. It is is transported to you in specially designed trucks, ensuring that the food always meets the strictest safety standards.

Bridge Creek Catering
Bridge Creek Catering is a full service specialty catering firm providing customized menus and high quality food made from scratch with locally grown/supplied ingredients. Menus are designed with our clients to create the event that they want. We provide event coordination and planning for the long distance and local hosts. Bridge Creek Catering works with a wide variety of locations. Let us help you find the perfect venue for your event. You can also draw from our list of referrals: Floral Design, Officiants, Music, Photography, etc.

Recommended Personal Chefs in the Hudson Valley:

Cooking On The River
Piermont, New York, (845) 365-0042
Cooking on the River prepares home-cooked meals in advance for busy families and singles. They are delicious, affordable, flexible and conveniently frozen and re-heated. Cooking on the River specializes in daily fare and small parties. Award-winning Chef Phyllis Segura is professionally trained in Europe and the United States. She also watched her Grandmother very carefully. She has cooked for people in all walks of life, including Artists, Actors, Storytellers, Film Critics, Homemakers, Musicians, Princes and Princesses, Business Administrators, Gourmands and other Chefs. Here is a quote from mary B., one of her clients: "She's come to our home quite a few times over the past years to make meals for my husband and me. They're wonderful and she clearly loves the whole thing: shopping for exactly what she thinks works best, making all of the sauces and accompaniments from scratch, responding to the nuances of our requirements and tastes, coming up with completely delicious food. I often tell her, after giving her broad guidelines, to do whatever she wants and that works very well. She has many more options in her head from the range of her past work and experience than I can summon up from my life in the kitchen or in area restaurants. It's a pleasure to have her in our life. I think anyone who gets in touch with her via your website will not be disappointed."

When planning an event you may want to consider the issue of safety and security. We provide licensed, bonded and experienced security personnel for individual events. Our security staff may be armed or unarmed. Please contact us for a no obligation consultation.   Hudson Valley Protection.

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