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Mini reviews of the best the Hudson Valley has to offer.  With the Culinary Institute in our midst we have a treasure trove of trained creative chefs.

Read how we evaluate each restaurant, scroll through the list of reviews, or jump to a certain county to help you find a certain location that you are looking for!
Ground Rules:
We review a variety of eating establishments throughout the Hudson Valley. Our purpose is to direct the eating public to a variety of good to excellent restaurants. We do not include our negative experiences (bad food, bad service, bad attitude) because there are more than enough positive experiences to share. The unfavorable places will wither and die on their own. If a restaurant is not included on our list this does not mean it is an unsatisfactory establishment. Most likely, our staff and food spies have just not gotten to eat there or have been too lazy to write up their experience. If you would like to include your favorite restaurant please email us with all of the appropriate content. Consult our format for that necessary information.

We include information on handicap accessibility, whenever possible; it's the civilized thing to do.

What to Look For:
  • Physical Appearance: Is it a nice place to spend time? Are the tables far enough apart for some degree of privacy or are you sharing space with your neighbors? Is the lighting distracting? Is the music (if any) competition or background? This obviously does not apply to places where live music is one of the attractions. Are the chairs comfortable? Are the tables large enough?

  • Cleanliness: Is the bathroom dirty? Is the dining area is dirty? Do you really not want to go into the kitchen?

  • Are you greeted within 10 seconds when entering the restaurant? If not a person, then a clear sign, and then no more than a minute or two for recognition. It's all a question of attitude.

  • Does the waitperson know the menu? Are they willing to find out the answers to questions about the dish, ingredients, or about anything reasonably asked?

  • If you have reservations, are they honored within a reasonable period of time? Ten minutes during the week and twenty minutes during the weekend are the limits of reason.

  • Do your part! Call ahead if you plan to arrive late for a reservation or if you don't have one. If you have special dietary needs call ahead. If you have a large party make reservations. If you have a problem with a dish, CALMLY let the waitperson know. Virtually all reasonable requests will be honored. Do not wait until the end of the meal to complain. If you ate it, what is the complaint? Discuss the problem as soon as it occurs. Virtually all quality restaurants will do their utmost to resolve complaints. If not, do not return and tell your friends. Remember a restaurant owner/manager cannot solve a problem they know nothing about.

  • Before you go: Is the check presented promptly when requested or is it done too soon (food is still on the table). One should not have to wait more than three or four minutes for a check or to make more than one request.

Special Comments:
If you have a favorite restaurant, let us know about it. Our staff and local spies can only eat so much. Please follow our format with any reviews submitted. Thank you!

Bon Apetit!

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